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Bandaru Organics Wood and Horn Earrings

Why Choose Bandaru?

All of our organic Horn, Bone & Wood gauged earrings are hand-crafted from natural materials. The natural materials which make up our jewelry are responsibly harvested with the impact on the environment and local communities in mind. We work closely with the creators of our gauged plugs, tunnels, and hangers to create original designs as well as traditional favorites. We stand behind the quality of our gauged earrings and the aesthetics of their design....(more)

What people are saying...

Customer Photo
Customer Photo
Customer Photo
Black Horn Curved Swirl Spiral Taper Hangers
shipped and delivered very fast and wrapped carefully with bubble wrap
Sono Wood Hair Stick Double Pick
Beautiful smooth wood and it keeps my hair up great.
Sono Wood Feathered Wing Hangers
Beautifully made and the quality is beyond my expectations.
Pair Dark Sono Wood Heart Plugs Earrings
Absolutely love them! They're super adorable.
Areng Wood Plugs with Abalone Shell Inlay Pair
These plugs are absolutely perfect! I often have to struggle to wear plugs I buy online because of too large flares, but these slipped in smoothly and very easily (and they don't get out). I'm totally delighted with this purchase and will definitely order again.
Painted Red Orange Hawaiian Flower Floral Sono Wood Hair Stick
So pretty!!! The painting is delicate and looks expensive - but is so affordable. Everyone with long hair should have these hair forks!
Sand Dollar Ocean Crocodile Wood Flared Plugs
They're super cute and fit so nicely. The edges are rounded and soft and extremely comfortable
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