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Why Choose Bandaru?

All of our organic Horn, Bone & Wood gauged earrings are hand-crafted from natural materials. The natural materials which make up our jewelry are responsibly harvested with the impact on the environment and local communities in mind. We work closely with the creators of our gauged plugs, tunnels, and hangers to create original designs as well as traditional favorites. We stand behind the quality of our gauged earrings and the aesthetics of their design....(more)

What people are saying...

Customer Photo
Customer Photo
Customer Photo
Chinese Bloodstone Double Flared Saddle Concave Teardrop Shape Plugs
Lovely and well-crafted. Thank you
Sono Wood Half Star Hoop Pointed Hangers
>Very beautiful! I love how dark the wood is. The star design is quite pretty. Perfect size. Love these! Shipping/delivery was fairly quick. Thanks :)
Dark Grey Cat's Eye Stone Lightweight Long Keyhole Ear Weights
Freaking love them. And they only took 2 days to get here. So happy when i got home from work today. Definitely gonna be buying more
Areng Wood Plugs with Mother of Pearl Inlays
Love them! They came very fast and fit comfortably!
Black Horn Fire Tribal Spiral S Hangers
Absolutely stunning! Very well crafted.
Chinese Bloodstone Double Flared Stone Plugs
Purchased these in 1" and 1 1/8". Love that this shop carried 1 1/8, the plugs are beautiful, and they arrived quickly :)
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