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Bandaru Organics Wood and Horn Earrings

Why Choose Bandaru?

All of our organic Horn, Bone & Wood gauged earrings are hand-crafted from natural materials. The natural materials which make up our jewelry are responsibly harvested with the impact on the environment and local communities in mind. We work closely with the creators of our gauged plugs, tunnels, and hangers to create original designs as well as traditional favorites. We stand behind the quality of our gauged earrings and the aesthetics of their design....(more)

What people are saying...

Customer Photo
Customer Photo
Customer Photo
Dark Sono Wood Circulat Ring with Sheel Inlay
Very cute ring. Great customer service as well
Sawo Wood Wave Curl Hangers
These plugs are beautiful! I think they are slightly smaller than 18mm though.
Dark Sono Wood Half Star Hanger
The old goth in me absolutely loves these! Great seller.
Opalite Saddle Plugs
Thank you! :) quick shipment, awesome.
Sono Wood Hair Stick w/ Floral Leaf Carving
Awesome hair stick. The double prong keeps it in much better than any single prong I've used before. The wood is very durable and the design is lovely.
Opalite Saddle Plugs
These are absolutely beautiful! I love them so much! And they came so quick!!
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