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Why Choose Bandaru?

All of our organic Horn, Bone & Wood gauged earrings are hand-crafted from natural materials. The natural materials which make up our jewelry are responsibly harvested with the impact on the environment and local communities in mind. We work closely with the creators of our gauged plugs, tunnels, and hangers to create original designs as well as traditional favorites. We stand behind the quality of our gauged earrings and the aesthetics of their design....(more)

What people are saying...

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Customer Photo
Customer Photo
Five Star Reviews
Dark Sono Wood Circular Ring with Abalone Shell Inlay Finger Ring
Thank you so much for this simple but beautiful ring !!!
Pair Black Obsidian Stone Lightweight Hoop Dangling Ear Weights
These things are badass. I purchased the 16mm (5/8) weights & they're so comfortable and the quality of them are beautiful. The shipping didn't take long at all! Thank you! Will return (:
Dark Sono Wood Fish Hook Tribal Painted Chevron Hangers
Badass. Smaller than my plugs but perfect for those pirate days.
Gold Striped Glass Double Flared Plugs
super cool plugs! got them to match a piece or yg and quartz ive got in another piercing and it goes great! thanks bunches!
Sono Wood Imugi Snake Dragon Hoop Hangers
These are awesome! I love them!
Dark Sono Wood Ring with Large Raised Stainless Steel Striped Inlay
I love everything they make. The fit is comfortable. The design is totally unique. I get so many complements on the things Ive bought from this company. 5 stars!
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