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    We are generally available via telephone from 9am-5pm EST, Monday-Friday. If you are having trouble reaching us via phone or would like to reach us after hours, please send us an email.
    1750 16th St S Ste. 35186
    Saint Petersburg, FL 33705


Bandaru Organics is Proud to Announce Two New Product Lines!

January 1st, 2015

Our team has been hard at work creating new earring and piercing lines over the past two months and we're pleased to offer two brand new store categories: Illusion Jewelry and Septum Nose Rings! Now a number of our most popular styles are available for individuals with regular sized piercings (20G). They're still sized and shaped to look like actual gauged earrings but they can fit anyone with a regular piercing. We'll slowly be releasing more styles so please check back if you don't see the style you want! For our septum jewelry line we offer them in both illusion (holds with pressure) and standard 16G size. Because it's a more sensitive area our design team decided to go with stainless steel for the material rather than our traditional wood or bone designs but we maintained our high level of standards during the production and are very pleased with the finished product. We believe the aesthetics and quality of the pieces will be in line with what our fan base has come to expect from our products, and as always we have them affordably priced.

Bandaru Organics unveils our new design lab voting center and community artist submission for new designs

November 4th, 2014

Your Vote Counts! Bandaru Organics is now submitting our jewelry designs from our drawing board to our customers for voting! Customers can vote on their favorite designs which have been created from our in house art team. The more popular the design the more likely it will be sent to our creation team for production. We want your opinion, so please vote on your favorite designs.

Have an idea for a new earring design? Submit your own design to our design lab for community voting! If your design is chosen for creation we will send you a FREE pair of earrings of your own design and additionally pay you 20% of the net profit when your earring design sells. Submit your unique organic earring designs today for community voting and put some cash in your pocket.

Bandaru Organics Design Lab
Bandaru Organics Community Artist Submission
Bandaru Organics Artist Submission Terms

Bandaru Organics Showcased Products at the Local Indie Market

November 1st, 2014

We had an awesome windy and cool day, for Florida, at our local Indie Market this past Saturday. Thank you to everyone that came out and supported our local artist community in the Tampa Bay / Saint Petersburg area. If you missed the market last weekend, don't worry! We will be out again on December 6th. Come and find that unique Christmas present or try a delicious cake made by our small local businesses.

Saint Petersburg's Indie Market is a monthly fair showcasing the best of all things indie, located in the heart of downtown St. Pete. Local artists, indie designers, horticulturists, eclectic crafters and nonprofit groups take over 7th Street and Central Avenue, adjacent the 600 Block artist community, on the first Saturday of every month. This is a unique destination for artisans, progressives, tourists and locals to come together in an outdoor alternative to retail setting. With 30+ vendors, local musicians and live art, the St. Pete Indie Market is a vital weekend destination for those in search of local flavor and the indie spirit. Please come out and help us promote local arts and culture and to engage and empower our community towards positive growth.

St. Pete Indie Market:

Bandaru Organics at the Local Indie Market

Bandaru Organics Debuts New 2014 Gauged Earring Line

August 11th, 2014

St. Petersburg, FL - Bandaru Organics, an internet retail store for earring enthusiasts, announced their new line of handcrafted gauges. From painted floral bone inlays to ebony batwings, Bandaru Organics hopes to wow the niche community and stand out from the competition with new pieces that haven't been seen before.

"We strive to raise the bar on craftsmanship while still keeping the prices reasonable," said Chris Williams, Bandaru Organics president and CEO. "People say they need to spend a lot of money to get quality earrings. We're showing the community every day that they can get hand carved jewelry without breaking the bank."

Most potential earring customers can plan on paying upwards of seventy dollars for a new addition to their collection. Bandaru Organics carries a wide range of gauge sizes from 16g (1.2mm) to 1" (25mm) with most pairs well below twenty dollars. "We're a small family operation so we understand the importance of local culture," said Bandaru Organics vice-president, Amanda Boller. "With every new style we release we make sure everyone can appreciate our work, regardless of their budget."

With plugs, tunnels, hangers, and tapers available, Bandaru Organics has hundreds of options for the would-be patron. From everyday plain tunnels to intricately carved Mayan plugs to the almost comical mustache design they hope to appeal to nearly any audience. Followers are on edge for new designs, and they know that almost anything is possible with this company.

Bandaru Organics was founded in 2013 as place for customers to purchase horn, bone, and wood jewelry. They work with traditional Indonesian crafters who only harvest region specific materials. Using sustainable methods is a popular alternative to the more destructive metal mining and refining practices that are common with other jewelry types. In doing so, they offer a unique, environmentally conscious product at a more consumer-friendly price. The new line of earrings can be seen here New Gauged Earrings.

Press Release: New Fall 2014 Line

August 8th, 2014

Our infographic on horn and bone earrings was featured on!

Bandaru Organics Rebels!

July 15th, 2014

We've now set up shop at Rebels Market, which features alternative scene items and boasts a loyal community from different subcultural lifestyles such as goth, steampunk, rockabilly, pinup, tattoos & more.

Bandaru Organics Rebel Store

Bandaru Organics joins the Etsy Community!

March 5th, 2014

We're proud to announce that our Etsy Shop is now open! Setting up shop in Etsy's community of artists and creators made perfect sense for us and we're happy to join their loyal community. You'll still find a wider variety of sizes and styles on our website, but pricing is the same whether you purchase from our website or Etsy.

You can visit our Etsy Store here: Bandaru Organics

Open for Business!

March 14th, 2013

Bandaru Organics officially begins accepting orders through our website!