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Sono Wood Dragon High Detail Carved Tunnels

Sono Wood Dragon High Detail Carved Tunnels
These beautifully crafted gauged tunnels feature a perched Chinese dragon that wraps around the edges of the tunnel. Carved in amazing high detail the plugs are unique in that they appear to be a solid plug, however they are actually mostly hollow with the back completely carved out. The front of the tunnels is highly stylized with most of the dragon?s features carved out in detail. The gauges are carved from Sono Wood and are double flared saddle plugs. The wood is high polished which brings out the beautiful brown and black flecked wood grain. Due to the large amount of detail required to create these we are unfortunately not able to produce them in smaller sizes. The combination of 2D / 3D affects that the tunnels utilizes makes for a really great looking piece. If you?re looking for something out of the ordinary these are them and amazingly priced for the quality of craftsmanship needed to produce. These gauges were part of a collection of two, for the matched pair please check out our other style which is under band101 and listed as Sono Wood Chinese Dragon Coin Tunnels.
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