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Sawo Wood Tribal Manta Ray Hook Hangers

Sawo Wood Tribal Manta Ray Hook Hangers
Since we are located in the Tampa Bay area, stingrays have always been a favorite marine animal since they live on our shores and in our hearts. You will know you have seen a Floridian when they shuffle their feet in the sand when at the beach to make sure not to step on a ray. These Sawo wood hangers are shaped most like eagle rays like a cownose ray, but have a Hawaiian tribal look similar to the large manta rays.

Note: While we're sure that our Organic Ear Gauges will be a great addition to your collection of plugs, we do not recommend wearing them if you are newly into ear stretching or have just moved up to a new gauge and are still healing. Due to the porous nature of horn, bone, and wood they will absorb moisture and bacteria from the healing skin which can cause infection.
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