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Sono Wood Circular Lotus Flower Hanger

Sono Wood Circular Lotus Flower Hanger
Handcrafted from sono wood, these carved hanger gauged earrings feature a beautifully carved lotus flower. The lotus flower is a classic symbol of divinity; however, Bandaru Organics Design Lab- Artist Creation it also plays a role in everyday life. The lotus plant is actually entirely edible, even the roots, so the plant is often seen in wraps, stir-fry, tea, or just dried out for a crunchy side dish. Whether you love to eat lotus plants or want to represent the Hindu god Vishnu, the divine beauty of these hangers will astound everyone that sees them. The dark rich gradient of black and brown is a known characteristic of sono wood and helps show the depth of detail on the carved flower. As with all of our gauged earrings we try to carry most of the popular gauge sizes, but if you don't see your size listed please feel free to contact us or check back later since we're constantly restocking or adding new sizes and styles to our line.

These carved hangers are sold as a PAIR of gauged earrings.
Note: While we're sure that our Organic Ear Gauges will be a great addition to your collection of tapers, we do not recommend wearing them if you are newly into ear stretching or have just moved up to a new gauge and are still healing. Due to the porous nature of horn, bone, and wood they will absorb moisture and bacteria from the healing skin which can cause infection.
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