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Crocodile Wood Plugs with Carved Cthulhu

Crocodile Wood Plugs with Carved Cthulhu
H. P. Lovecraft himself would love these simple but qwirky Cthulhu gauged earring plugs carved Bandaru Organics Design Lab- Artist Creationfrom Crocodile wood. Horror genre fans unite for the love for all things that go bump in the dark universe like this part octopus, part man, part dragon. Whether you just became a Lovecraftian fan or you have always heard the Call of Cthulu, these light plugs can brighten your dark day. These light wood plugs are Sold as a pair, these traditional saddle gauges have the Moogle design on one side so you can still wear them to show off the delicate stripes of the crocodile wood. If you don't see your gauge size listed please feel free to contact us or check back later since we're constantly restocking or adding new sizes and styles to our line.
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