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Jackfruit Wood Lotus Flesh Tunnel

Jackfruit Wood Lotus Flesh Tunnel
Handcrafted from jackfruit wood, these carved tunnel gauged earrings feature a beautifully carved lotus flower. The lotus flower is a classic symbol of divinity; however, it also plays a role in everyday life. The lotus plant is actually entirely edible, even the roots, so the plant is often seen in wraps, stir-fry, tea, or just dried out for a crunchy side dish. Whether you love to eat lotus plants or want to represent the Hindu god Vishnu, the divine beauty of these plugs will astound everyone that sees them. Sawo wood is used to create many of our plugs because of is ease of use and durability. For sizing we typically have a wide range in stock but if you don't see your ear gauge size listed please let us know. We regularly release new sizes and styles so if it's not currently available now there's a good chance it will be later.
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