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Wide Sono Wood Dome Ring with Painted Flower

Wide Sono Wood Dome Ring with Painted Flower
Our organic wooden rings are a celebration of life that binds us to the natural world. This large dome sono ring has been hand painted with a white spotted flower. Flower power was a slogan used as a symbol of passive reistance through out the 1960's and 1970's. Hippies have adorned the symbol creating clothing and jewelry that shows their support of the non-viloence idealogy favoring peace, love, personal freedom, and a back-to-nature lifestyle. Show your support by wearing one of our wooden rings!
Note: These rings are handmade and may vary from the images shown. Avoid exposure to abrasive surfaces, such as sand and detergent, harsh chemicals and extended submersion in water. Never wear your ring when swimming, dishwashing or showering. Oiling your ring with oils like jojoba oil helps to maintain the color of the wood.
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