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Resin & Conch Shell Single Prong Hair Stick

Resin & Conch Shell Single Prong Hair Stick
Looking for something better than a thingamabob for that perfect mermaid in your life? Look no further, we can help you adorn their head with this classic piece that complements about any hair color and hair texture. Feel the sea at your desk with this hair pin that will quickly hold up a perfect bun giving you ample time to beat the morning rush. This hair stick is artisian crafted from resin and conch shell which is carved to have an open design. This can go well with everything in your closet from work clothes to party dresses to achieve a sensible, classic and elegant look.
Note: These hair sticks are handmade and may vary from the images shown. Avoid exposure to abrasive surfaces, such as sand and detergent, harsh chemicals and extended submersion in water. Never wear your when swimming, dishwashing or showering. Oiling your hairstick with oils like jojoba oil helps to maintain the color of the wood.
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