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Green Aventurine Jade Gemstone Double Flared Saddle Plug

Green Aventurine Jade Gemstone Double Flared Saddle Plug
Aventurine, a green variety of quartz, typically ranges from light to dark-green in color and displays an attractive, soft and dull vitreous luster. While appearing similar to Jade, Aventurine has a unique quality called aventurescence, where the metallic inclusions in the stone give a unique sparkling iridescent effect. The sparkly effect ranges in intensity from weak to intense depending on the density and size of metallic inclusions. Some of our plugs have slight silvery green sparkly sheen and most all of our stone plugs are lightly speckled. Metaphysically, Aventurine is said to bring luck and also increase creativity, imagination, and mental clarity.

These solid Green Aventurine gemstone plugs are double flared and come in several gauge sizes. NOTE: Item is sold as a PAIR of plugs.
HAND MADE NOTE: Because these earrings are handmade from natural stone, you may receive an item that varies slightly from the item pictured.
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