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Pink Cats Eye Teardrop Concave Plugs

Pink Cats Eye Teardrop Concave Plugs
Pink Cats Eye is a beautiful unique stone due to parallel fibrous includions deep within the stone. Cat?s Eye stone is said to help the intellect, to foster wisdom and its connotation with a cat, meaning crafty or sly. If you are looking for a unique and interesting piece of jewelry, definitely consider buying some Cat?s Eye plugs or hangers.

These Pink Cats Eye plugs are a double flared Concave Teardrop shape and come in several gauge sizes. The concave shape of these plugs allows the chatoyancy effect of these stones to really shine. NOTE: Item is sold as a PAIR of plugs.
HAND MADE NOTE: Because these earrings are handmade from stone, you may receive an item that varies slightly from the item pictured.
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