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Green Malachite Drop Weight

Green Malachite Drop Weight
Malachite is a very distinctive gemstone due to its concentric bands in varying shades of green. Malachite was used by the Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans to make jewelry and amulets as well as a pigment for eyeshadow. Metaphysically, Malachite is thought to provide protection, business success, good fortune, and prosperity.

These solid gemstone drop weights are made of synthetic malachite and come in one gauge sizes but can also be used to hang in ears with larger gauges. The curves of these ear weights allows the natural chatoyancy effect of these stones to really shine. NOTE: Item is sold as a PAIR of plugs.
HAND MADE NOTE: Because these earrings are handmade from natural stone, you may receive an item that varies slightly from the item pictured.
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