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Labradorite Single Flared Plugs

Labradorite Single Flared Plugs
Labradorite stone can come in many different colors rangeing from a deep black to a light teal. Having an existential crisis? This stone is one of the best for fighting off the pesky blahs. Labradorite's meaning was created by the native people of Canade who believed the stones were a result of the northern lights. Vibrant colors and patterns make this stone seem otherworldly!

These plugs are a single flared circular shape and come in several gauge sizes. The convex shape of these plugs allows the chatoyancy effect of these stones to really shine. NOTE: Item is sold as a PAIR of plugs.
HAND MADE NOTE: Because these earrings are handmade from stone, you may receive an item that varies slightly from the item pictured. These also include one pair of o-rings.
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