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Wholesale Information

Wholesale Requirements:

If you are interested in purchasing our jewelry wholesale, please email us at: with the following information:

    1. Your business name and address
    2. Website (if applicable)
    3. Proof of retail business, such as a resell permit, business license and tax ID (for US businesses)
    4. Phone number and contact information
    5. A short description of your business

We will contact you ASAP with wholesale and log-in information so you can view the wholesale prices on our website

How to Order:

    1. Register with us and receive wholesale log-in information
    2. Enter your order online or email us your order
    3. We require a $100 wholesale order minimum for all wholesale orders.

Domestic U.S. Shipping Information

Wholesale orders will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail (2-4 business days) or can be upgraded to USPS Express Mail (1-3 business days).


We also offer the showcase option for our wholesale customers that have limited retail space. Showcase details:

    1. Order one of our starter kits or choose the items you want to showcase in your retail store.
    2. If one of your customers is interested in one of the products that you showcase, but you do not have the correct size in stock, you can give your customer the link to our website and a coupon code to use upon checkout.
    3. When your specific coupon code is used for a purchase, you will receive a portion of the profit. We will cut you a check once a month for any sales made using your coupon code.

If you are interested in more information about the showcase program or would like to join the showcase program, please send us an email. If interested in the showcase program, we will send you some showcase business cards with our website information and also create a special code for your company that you can enter on the supplied cards for your customers.

Pictures and Descriptions:

Customers may ONLY use the images and descriptions located on with the approval of Bandaru Organics. It is illegal to use our sites images and descriptions without approval.

Link Exchange

If you would like for us to link your business on our website, please send us an email that includes a 25 word or less small review of our product as well as your business name, address and contact information, as you would like for it to appear.

Ordering a Sample Product

If you would like a sample of our earrings, please create a wholesale account and request that a product sample be sent to your address. We are happy to supply a sample product to any new Wholesale account.

New Style or Sizing Requests

We do our best to have broad range of styles and materials available for purchase; however, we are always open to new ideas about sizes, material, or designs of earrings you wish to have. Please contact us with any suggestions or wishes about what you would like to see or have. Whether you desire wood jewelry, bone jewelry, horn or mother of pearl jewelry, we will do our best to accommodate your needs. Due to the nature of hand-made jewelry, it may take several months for custom designs or suggestions to become available.

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